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This weekend I talk about a few of my favorite brands and “Next in Fashion”


Hello again, friends.

Last week, I began writing on my own blog about things that I’d normally include here in the newsletter. I found the medium to feel the same, but for some reason I enjoyed it slightly more. This could be because I enjoy writing in markdown and then pushing those files to my blog using git—a small piece of engineering knowledge that I’m proud to have.

Anyway, I’m going to continue writing on both for now. Why though? Well, I’ve been inspired lately by a few folks I follow who only write on their personal sites and then publish shorter updates with links to those posts on their newsletters. I’m curious to see how that works out here.

I’d also be curious to know if you prefer one over the other. It’s always great to get feedback from you all. I hope you enjoy this weekend’s newsletter.

The Nomad Sweater by Vollebak

I’ve mentioned Vollebak before, and they remain as one of my favorite brands who continue to create and discover unique fabrics, and uses them in some of the most interesting ways in their clothing designs.

Recently, they released a new sweater made from the “rarest, strongest, softest, and lightest Merino on Earth.” I didn’t get a chance to pick one up, but the fabric looks amazing. I can only imagine how cozy this sweater must feel. Also, Loro Piana fabrics can be quite expensive due to the high quality of materials they use. Partnering with them on this sweater shows that this a luxury item, without nearly as high of a price tag.

It’s really great to see Vollebak move into knitwear. I’m curious what elsethey have planned in this category for the future and I’ll be keeping my eye out.

I hope they restock both the Light and Dark colorways but I’m guessing this might have been a limited run.

It looks like there may be a hooded version releasing soon, so I recommend signing up for their email list to make sure you don’t miss out. These sweaters ended up selling out fast, so if you see you want the hoodie, make sure to check for their advance access email announcements.

Image via Vollebak


Joyce International on Hiatus

One of my favorite up-and-coming brands has announced on Instagram that it’s decided to go on hiatus.

I’m pretty sad about the news, but it’s great to know they aren’t exactly going away, as they are pursuing topical, ephemeral products. I’m looking forward to giving this new line of products a try, especially if they are still targeted towards men. In my mind though, it seems like a strange transition, but I’m hopeful they’ll be back one day making great clothes.

I currently own the Cotton Trousers in Ecru—which are gone for now—and the fit is absolutely amazing. The first thing I noticed was their comfortable waist band, which appears more formal at the front, but has an elastic half in the back.

The one caveat is the leg length. For my height, they’re about an inch shorter than I’d like, coming in at 30 inches. The length makes them ideal for travelling abroad and walking along the beach in Barcelona, but for everyday wear at home, my ankles are a bit too cold.

One last thing to note: A few items remain on their site, which they’re offering 50% off with the code FINALSALE. I’ve got my eyes on these pair of corduroy’s in a size Large.

If you end up picking anything up, I’d love to know. 😀

Image via Joyce International’s Instagram



Watch: Next in Fashion

Last week I was looking for a new show to binge and in my search, I discovered Next in Fashion, a competition where a group of fashion designers compete to become the next big designer name known in households everywhere.

The contestants were all extremely talented and wonderful people. I loved the camaraderie all of the teams (and later individuals) developed amongst each other. Overall, there were positive vibes from everybody, which seemed rare for such a competitive environment.

My favorite episode/collection was the finale. I won’t spoil much, but with the majority of the episodes, the designers had to make 2 outfits in less than 48 hours. For the finale, they had to produce an entire collection of 10 outfits in less than 3 days.

I was amazed by how much I learned about each of the designers’ process and where they drew inspiration from. Watching them helped me figure out what areas I’ll need to learn and develop before launching my brand: sketching, drawing and cutting patterns, choosing the right fabric, and of course, sewing everything together.

If you can’t tell already how enthusiastic I am about the show, there are many, many more details that make this show great. For one, Tan France is one of the co-hosts (who you might know from Queer Eye) who has such great chemistry with the other host Alexa Chung, and, the designers were challenged with creating menswear looks, which I think past fashion shows have failed to address.

Let me know if you were able to check out the show and who your favorite designer was. :)

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