Everything I bought from the new Uniqlo U collection

The collaboration between Christophe Lemaire and Uniqlo continues for Spring/Summer 2021

Today, Uniqlo launched their latest Uniqlo U collection, a collaboration with one of my favorite clothing designers, Christophe Lemaire. I’m excited to share with you all the pieces I picked up and hope you may find something that you may like as well.

I encourage you to check out the lookbook and browse the entire collection. There are some other great pieces not mentioned below that I’m looking at buying at a later date.

Also, there are some great pieces added for Women and Kids as well. Let’s dive in!

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Uniqlo U

Easy Wide-Fit Shorts

I must say, growing up in Southern California, I’ve always had an affinity for shorts. I love these in Olive and almost bought them in Natural as well. 


3D Crew Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater

Green is one of my favorite colors, and I like the shade they used on this sweater. I’m looking forward to pairing it with the shorts above to achieve a tonal look. 


Wide-Fit Jogger Pants

I’ve usually steered clear of wider-fitting pants, so I’m curious to see how wide these pants actually fit. I like them in Off-White and look forward to wearing them in the summertime. I also really dig the back pockets.


Fine-Gauge Knitted Short-Sleeve Knitted Polo Shirt

Again, I went for a neutral, tonal vibe by getting this polo to pair with the joggers. I’ve been on a polo kick lately, as they are easy to wear and appear slightly more elevated while on a Zoom call compared to a casual t-shirt.


Regular Fit Work Pants

Initially, I had the Brown colorway in my shopping cart but ended up choosing Black. I’ve been looking for some other pants to add to my rotation during the work week and these look like a great option. While everything else I bought from this collection falls into a more neutral color palette, these made sense to grab because of how versatile they will be with the other clothes already in my closet.



Watch: The Future of Trying on Clothes

After going through Startup School for Future Founders—recommended by my friend Bryce Aebi—I had an idea of creating an app that would use Augmented Reality (AR) to project clothing onto your body as you looked into a mirror. 

I don’t think technology-wise that the tools we have currently could do this; however, I discovered this video, which shows almost exactly what I had in mind. Unfortunately, the magic is done after filming, but it’s a step closer to the future I’d love to be part of.

Update: Progress on My Clothing Brand

I’ve spent some time figuring out the first item that I could focus on offering. Initially, I was thinking of smaller things like socks, scarves, or t-shirts. I’m slightly pessimistic about launching a brand and then being only known for one of those things listed above.

One thing that seems interesting to me is making a luxury robe that can be worn inside and outside the house. I’ve come across various options, but only one company stood out as a potential competitor in this space: Off Hours.

I love what they’ve done with their Homecoat. My mind’s coming up with a few ideas about how I would tackle a product like this, but it’s something I’m still thinking about. More to come in the future.

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