Struggling with Today’s Trends

In fifty years, I wonder how we’ll react to old photos. Will we notice how different everyone is dressed? Will there be any recognizable trends from our era? Will what we wear today inspire future fashion decisions in decades to come? History says “yes,” but I’m advocating for us to head in a different direction.

Where we are today

The purpose of clothing has changed. It used to be about function > form. Pockets were in specific places to provide a place for your tools. Clothing was also more uniform, where you’d might find one or two kinds of shirts to choose from. Blue or white. And, most likely a button-down collar.

Today, there’s a t-shirt in every Pantone color with sneakers to match.

I want the men of today to look back, specifically to the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s, and see that we can return to wearing clothes that make us look put together. Not just clothing that’s focused on all the hype.

“Hype” itself has created its own trend and uniform, which began in the 2000’s and has evolved into what you see on your Instagram feed. Sneakers—usually a unique color way or pattern—with pre-distressed jeans, a t-shirt with a logo or large print, and an accessory, usually from the same brand they’re wearing head to toe. While I’ve worn this look and have seen many friends wear it also, I want people to understand that we have options. Streetwear doesn’t have to be the only style represented in your closet. It’s okay for you to own shoes that you didn’t have to beat a bot for on Twitter.

Where we can go tomorrow

While the pandemic has allowed us to double down on t-shirts and sweatpants, I’m optimistic that we can break out of our work-from-home shell and begin wearing proper clothes again.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wearing what makes you feel comfortable. I’m just ready to move on from only caring about comfort.

Now, I’m focused on buying items that provide comfort, but are slightly more restricted and refined. Rather than wearing Birkenstocks every day of the week, I’ve swapped those out for a pair of loafers, starting as the base of my weekend wardrobe. I’ve mentioned this before—replacing a t-shirt with a collared shirt elevates your outfit without much effort. Swapping jeans for a pair of cotton trousers, preferably with a single-pleat, and now you’ve got a look that’s going to stand out amongst everyone else.


I’m sharing out a few sources of inspiration for this post. I’m purposefully exposing myself to materials that allow me to travel back in time to eras where I feel men dressed the best. I hope you join me in my travels and bring some inspiration back to the future and your closet.

Thank you for reading

As always, it’s great to have you here. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything via the comment section below or by emailing me directly. I’m happy to help answer as best I can. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

— Victor