Taking A Day Off

We’re just hours away from one of the most important weeks of the year, where we’ll celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and inaugurate a new POTUS. 

I’ll admit that I’m nervous, stressed, and fearful of what’s possibly to come in the wake of recent events. I’m praying for a safe transition and that we’ll all be able to move forward, regardless of our past views.

Anyway, I struggled to find time this week to focus and put together a detailed overview of how I plan to expand my wardrobe this year. After thinking about the topic for some time, I feel like it might be better received through a video format. I plan on sharing out a YouTube link once this is ready. Stay tuned.

I’ll wrap up by saying, today was a great day. It actually felt like a real “day off.” It was 80° in Southern California. The beach was relaxing, despite the number of people coming and going. It was hopeful to see folks wearing masks, even while in the water. I did my best to try to relax and embrace the warm weather. It’s been cold, especially in the evening where you could see your breath while running, making this weather even more welcoming. I’m going to try my best to savor this feeling and continue remaining optimistic that more of these days are sure to come.

Thank you for reading

I appreciate you all bearing with me another week. I’m genuinely grateful for you, and I’m excited to keep creating content for you to enjoy.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves.