Ten Last-Minute Gift Ideas Under $150

My Holiday Wishlist for 2020

Unlike Mariah Carey, I do want a lot for Christmas.

Since we’re officially one week away from exchanging presents, drinking hot cocoa, and watching Home Alone 2: Lost in New York for the millionth time, I wanted to share ten last-minute gifts to place underneath the tree for that special someone—even if that someone is you.

Side note: While there are quite a few things I want, I recognize I should be thankful for everything I was blessed with this year. And for that, I am.

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Harding Lane Tennis Racquets Hat


Why it’s on my list

This is the only piece that I personally own on this list, and I decided to add it at for two reasons:

  1. It’s white and green colors are reminiscent of the holidays.

  2. I’ve recently become a tennis fan and love this casual nod to the sport.

At one of the lowest price points, you could potentially get it cheaper if you sign up for their newsletter. I believe they offer a 10% off coupon for your first purchase upon signing up.

One final thing to note, the back is fastened by a brass clasp, which isn’t my favorite. I’d prefer a different option like a fitted or snap back. However, for the price, it works as a great gift option if you or someone you know enjoys tennis.

Price: $35

Purchase: Harding Lane Tennis Racquets Hat

Anderson’s Suede Belt


Why it’s on my list

If you’re looking for an additional belt to add to your wardrobe, I highly recommend this suede one from Anderson’s. I’d pair this belt with the snuff suede shoes I recommended last week made by Alden’s. It can also be worn with almost any sneakers, preferably a pair of white Common Projects.

The only thing I would not wear this with is a pair of black shoes. One of the smallest but important pieces of style advice I learned while I was younger is to always match your belt color with your shoe color, especially for formal occasions.

Where to buy

Price: $155 (Use code HOLIDAYBONUS50 to get $50 off)

Purchase: Anderson’s Suede Belt

Il Bisonte Card Case Wallet


Why it’s on my list

I owned the Navy colorway of this wallet for over eight years and absolutely loved it.

The leather’s smell and feel is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Il Bisonte—which translates to the bison—products are known for their quality and character, with each piece evolving to its own unique state after years and years of use.

I’m usually not a fan of logos, but I appreciate the subtle branding on this piece. I love seeing people in the wild with Il Bisonte products as they are usually fans of the brand like myself. One day we’ll get back to that world, but for now, it’s great to have this piece creating it’s own patina until that day comes.

One final thing to note, after the wear and tear from all those years, I ended up creating small holes at the bottom of the card slots. This wasn’t too big of an issue as nothing fell out, but I’d recommend not overstuffing this wallet like I did. One card per slot should keep things nice and tidy, without causing them to pierce through the leather.

Price: $60

Purchase: Il Bisonte Card Case Wallet

The James Brand Pike Knife


Why it’s on my list

I’ve been searching for a minimalist pocket knife for years, and I think I’ve found the perfect one in the Pike Knife by The James Brand.

I originally heard of this brand through numerous features on Gear Patrol, and I’ve been itching to pick one of these up to see if the quality holds up.

I like this knife’s simple aesthetic, with both the blade and handle being black, leaving no hints of color like almost every other option in their lineup.

If you’re not into all-black everything, the rosewood and stainless steel option is another classic colorway.

Price: $125

Purchase: The James Brand Pike Knife

Stüssy Billiards Balls


Why it’s on my list

While I’m not the best at billiards, it’s one of my favorite games to play. For my future home, I hope to one day have my own pool table, preferably with this set of billiards balls by one of the most iconic streetwear brands ever.

In the past, these have sold out quick, and re-sold for twice their value. If you or the person you purchase these for end up not using them, they could serve as a great collector’s piece. In my opinion, this set is one of the best gifts on this list.

Price: $120

Purchase: Stussy Billiards Balls

Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano Cologne


Why it’s on my list

I love the smell of this cologne and wore it daily for years until the bottle finally ran dry. It has hints of tobacco, vanilla, and cedarwood, a perfect combination, in my opinion. While light and airy, this cologne can be worn all day but will need to be re-applied if you’d like for it to remain noticeable to others besides yourself.

I was fortunate enough to visit the original pharmacy in Florence, Italy, a couple years ago and was enthralled by the history and various offerings of this brand. After originating over 400 years ago in 1612, they are among the world’s oldest companies still in operation.

I highly recommend checking out their other fragrances if this one doesn’t sound like it would work for you.

Price: $135

Purchase: Santa Maria Novella Tabacco Toscano

Outlier Grid Linen Bath Robe


Why it’s on my list

One of the pieces I’d like to add for loungewear is a robe, and this one by Outlier looks fantastic. I love how simple and light it appears, making it easy to travel with as well if you ever head to the beach or need something to throw on after a shower.

I prefer the Flax color, as shown on the model on the product page. I’m currently on a neutral tone kick and like how the tan looks with darker brown pants and the taupe suede Birkenstocks.

More to come in the future on this brand, which happens to make my favorite t-shirt.

Price: $135

Purchase: Outlier Grid Linen Bath Robe

Atlas Obscura (The Second Edition)


Why it’s on my list

I’ve always wanted to purchase the first edition, but for some strange reason never got around to it. After flipping through a few pages in a bookstore, I immediately fell in love with the page layouts’ design and the imagery that shows unique and hidden places around the world.

I feel like this book could provide some temporary escapism until we can go abroad again and experience these places for ourselves. They make a children’s version as well, which is equally just as good in terms of artwork and content.

Price: $35

Purchase: Atlas Obscura (2nd Edition)

L.L. Bean Merino Wool Socks


Why it’s on my list

Of course, the classic gift that always seems to make it into your stocking each year. A pair of socks. As I’ve grown older, it’s something I’ve come to appreciate, and now I look forward to receiving comfy socks and donating the old pair from the year before.

I enjoy the Charcoal color of these socks, as well as the Gray option offered. I was also happy to see that they account for people with feet sizes of all ranges. I’ll be going with the XL as I fall right between size 12 and 13 and would hate to have these too snug.

And lastly, I enjoyed seeing that these are made here in the U.S.

Socks are commonly made overseas, and I was delighted to see L.L. Bean continue to make these here.

Price: $35

Purchase: L.L. Bean Merino Wool Socks

Baxter of California Wood Ash Candle


Why it’s on my list

One of the scents I vividly remember is of the candles we always had burning at Unionmade. There was a partnership we had with Baxter of California to produce the “KLM” candle, and I believe this is a direct replication of that—without the blue color.

Baxter of California describes this candle as having notes of cedar, pine, sandalwood, cade, and smokey ash. Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents, and that’s represented both here and in the cologne mentioned above.

You may be debating spending over $50 on a candle, but it’s burn time of roughly 80 hours helps justify the cost. Even without burning, the scent of the candle can fill up a room once unboxed.

Price: $60

Purchase: Baxter of California Wood Ash Candle


Watch: Knives Out

I’ve avoided re-watching this film since it hit theaters late last year, but somehow it feels like that was over two years ago? Anyway, there’s tons of style inspiration—particularly the fisherman’s sweater worn by Chris Evans—and it feels like the timing is just right to figure out whodunit again.

Read: Schoolboy Q Tees Off

For an article originally published in 2019, it couldn’t be more relevant in today’s world. Golf has become a “pandemic passion” of mine, but with that has also come a new thing to figure out how to dress for. I love how Schoolboy Q and his crew are taking the strict, boring golf attire and switching things up. Maybe some day soon I’ll be able to rock a Rollie and robe out on the green.

Listen: Tim’s Take with Rick Owens

During the pandemic, chatting with designers after displaying their collections at fashion shows has become almost non-existent. The Business of Fashion started an interview series on their YouTube channel to help get into these famous creatives’ minds. This episode featuring Rick Owens was insightful and helped me learn about his opinion on the future of fashion and runway shows.

Thank you for reading

As always, it’s great to have you here, and I’m thankful for all the conversations we’ve had thus far. One of the things I’m enjoying most is answering your questions and sending over personal recommendations.

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Have a Merry Christmas! Stay safe and enjoy this time as best as you can.