Thinking about Launching a Clothing Brand


When I initially launched this newsletter a short few months ago, I had one goal in mind: start.

It’s been six years since I worked for one of the most influential menswear stores in the United States and wrapped up my fashion studies at the Art Institute in San Francisco.

Unfortunately, I’ve been far removed from fashion since, at least from a career standpoint. And, I’ve never worked for a brand or company outside of retail.

Yes, I’ve kept up with the latest collections from my favorite brands, talked to old co-workers about new things they were digging, and checked sites like HYPEBEAST for any fashion-related news. 

However, I’ve always felt a need to go further. I’ve wanted to figure out how to get there, and last November, I gained enough motivation to start this newsletter as a way to head towards that.

Launching a Brand

After thinking about it over this past year, I’ve decided to launch a clothing brand. 

At first, I was hesitant. It didn’t make sense to venture into an industry known not to make money unless you’re part of large retailers like Amazon or Walmart.

Podcasts like Blamo!, Throwing Fits, and a few others that have featured some of my favorite people in the industry provided insight into fashion that I had never really known before. Hearing these voices and their experiences changed my perspective that’s previously held me back from starting a clothing brand.

Clothing is something I love, and my passion is starting to overcome my fears of failure. 

There’s so much to figure out. I never learned how to make patterns, properly sew, or have ever been part of the manufacturing process. Regardless, I’m excited to get started.

The Importance of a Name

I realize that Volume doesn’t have much significance in its meaning. I especially do not want it to represent creating large amounts of clothing like many fast-fashion retailers. 

It works great for this newsletter, but I wanted something I connected with more while also having some meaning about clothing. 

I think the name of a brand is the most important thing to get right. The following step, of course, is to create a great product that people will love.

I may be wrong in my thinking here, but when I shop for clothes or a brand I’ve never heard of before shows up on my Instagram feed, the first thing that stands out is their name. I admit, I’m particular about small details like a name, and if it sounds or looks strange, I usually won’t buy.

For now, I’ve chosen to call the brand Loden.

It stands out to me because it’s one of my favorite colors, and it sounds like a strong name. 

I already have a few initial ideas for the logo and the branding elements. It’s exciting to think that there will be a tag or label on a garment containing that name and logo one day. 

Stay tuned. I don’t know how quickly I can learn all the ins and outs of creating a clothing brand from scratch. I’m estimating it could take me all of this year, and perhaps I’ll have something to show in 2022. I do like the idea of launching on an even-numbered year. We’ll see if I can stick to that.

I’ll be sharing the progress of Loden here periodically. I’d be happy to hear if that’s something you all find interesting or not. 

Next week I’ll resume the regular content here on the newsletter. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.