Trying A New Routine

Getting back into shape and trying to fit into old clothes.

Welcome back

Hey friends, sorry I’ve been M.I.A. the past few weeks. As the title of this newsletter explains, I’ve been trying to acclimate to a new routine, involving working out multiple times a week and switching to a healthier diet.

It’s taken a toll on my free time, with meal prepping, making smoothies, and trying to fit in an outdoor exercise each day. It’s been hard, but now I’m starting to get back into a groove with this new routine. One of my goals is to be able to fit into some of my favorite clothes again, and continue a healthier lifestyle moving forward.

I appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy this weekend’s newsletter.

Reader Questions

I’ve said this in the past; helping answer your questions is one of my absolute favorite parts of this newsletter.

Below, I’ve listed a couple questions asked by a few of you and wanted to share my responses, as I figured others may find them helpful as well.

Question: I was wondering if you had recommendations for good daily driver normal length socks? Looking for something not too thick that comes in neutral tones. I’ve been mostly wearing ankle socks for the last few years and I just realized I really don’t have a lot of longer socks for winter. K.C.

Answer: My favorite and only brand I wear for socks are by Falke. The particular model I wear are the “Airport” socks, preferably in either Black or Gray.

Before buying these, I never imagined paying more than $10 for a pack of socks, but after spending a little bit extra on a single pair, I immediately bought the three-pack.

They are made in Germany of a comfortable wool fabric and look great for any occasion. I also love their no-show “Cool Kick” socks, of which I own about a half dozen pairs.

Question: Any recommendations for athletic type sneakers? I feel like Nike and Adidas have gone off the deep end with the Hypebeast look. — B.A.

Answer: I love Nike’s, but I’ve also noticed they’ve trended towards the type of aesthetic mentioned above. For this particular case, I recommended Salomon, a French company who makes running and outdoor adventure shoes.

They are more widely known for their loud colors and funky styles, and I think this is something the reader picked up on as well in his comments:

Follow-up: Hmm, I did check them out. I feel like I couldn’t find anything neutral enough. I just need a go-to comfort shoe, so probably looking for just black. — B.A.

Answer: So, while Salomon’s mainline does have some “out-there” styles, I discovered their other label called S/Lab which focuses slightly more on style and higher quality fabrics.

I bought this particular model almost two years ago from Need Supply Clothing (R.I.P), but found out there was one last pair available on End Clothing, which happened to be in this reader’s size. I hope he was able to pick them up before they sold out. If you’re on the lookout, you can possibly find them on Grailed or eBay.


Update: Progress on My Clothing Brand

My only update for you all is that I bought—designs for the landing page coming soon. Also, I discovered that Lithuania is know for producing high quality linen and I’m trying to get in touch with a few factories over there to see what that relationship could look like.

All of this is brand new to me, so kind of learning as I go. More news coming on Loden in the future. 🧵

Update: Purchases from Uniqlo U

In my previous newsletter, I shared everything I bought from the new season of the Uniqlo U line. After trying everything on, I ended up only keeping the work wear pants.

Everything else I returned. I ordered a size Large for all the items and it was all way too big. The only item I wanted to order again in a smaller size was the Easy Wide-Fit shorts, but the Medium had sold out. I’m keeping an eye out to see if they happen to come back in stock but it’s highly unlikely. Fingers crossed for now.

I will say I was disappointed with the knits. The cotton fabric for the 3D Crew Neck Sweater felt rough, like it was going to leave my elbows ashy kind of rough. I normally opt for a t-shirt underneath my sweaters, which leaves my elbows to take the brunt of the friction whenever leaning forward on a desk or table. Sadly, the Polo Shirt felt like it was made from a similar material as the sweater and the neutral color just didn’t look right against my skin. I’m glad I gave it a try even though it didn’t work out.

I think I’ll wait until a few things go on sale before trying to snag them in Medium.

Thank you for reading

As always, it’s great to have you here. Let me know if you have any questions or need anything via the comment section below or by emailing me directly. I’m happy to help answer as best I can.

Stay safe and take care.